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Latest news bulletin graphic

september 25, 2017 10:01am

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The Outdoor Writers' and Photographers' Guild create a bulletin sent to a range of press and media outlets, this is my piece for the current release - my name seems to have gone arry on my version of the graphic sadly!


WALKING in the LAKE DISTRICT All the Fells - All the Routes

august 26, 2017 11:01am

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More than four years after my eight volume LAKELAND FELLRANGER series was completed - following many years devotional walking research and detailed graphic and writing record - change is about to come to my great CICERONE work. Plans are now in place to re-structure the series to make it far more user-friendly and meet the needs of the modern fell adventurer. Far more than a cosmetic name-change, the eight volumes will cover subtly different tracts of fell and be re-designed to fit the smaller standard Cicerone size. Orientated to the valley approaches, importantly the new guides will be more practical to use on the fell. Walkers come in all shapes and sizes of ability and ambition and the series needs to offer a bedrock of sound advice.


Emperor Hadrian

august 26, 2017 10:36am

0817DBreeze talking.jpg

On the 11th August I had the great pleasure of sharing a platform at the Hedley Centre in Vindolanda with David Breeze and Dr Mike Bishop to talk about Hadrian on the very anniversary day 1900 years ago when he became emperor. David specifically outlined the life of the emperor whose name is indelibly and enduring linked to the great frontier Wall. He also spoke about the incremental designation by UNESCO of the frontier through Europe the Middle East and North Africa as a World Heritage Site. I, in turn, spoke about my new walking route from the Cumbrian coastal village of Ravenglass following Roman roads across Cumbria and into Northumberland linking ten Roman forts to reach Vindolanda - namely Hadrian's High Way. I also touched on my proposition that both Hadrian's Wall Path and Hadrian's High Way could legitimately be termed Peace Trails in keeping with the founding principles of World Heritage Site designation. If we are to sustain physical history for the future it needs to have relevence to the man in the street, by making such landscape journeys a down to earth metaphor we may achieve it.

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